Wharton Atacama Leadership Venture 2008

may 29

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Hi, this is Preston again. We have made it back to San Pedro all in one piece. Our summit day was very tough. We attempted to climb Mt Lascar (5,550 meters, approximately 18,800 feet. ) We started the day at 6:00am, it was dark an approximately 15 degrees. As we started the climb the wind gusted over 60 miles per hour. The wind chill factor was so high (approximately -30 degrees) that people's water bottles froze solid within minutes. The majority of the group made it within 100 meters of the summit, but were forced to turn back due to increasing winds. Upon return to base camp we thawed out and climbed into our trucks, turned on the heat, and
spent the next two hours heading for San Pedro and hot showers. This morning is our final debrief and then we all head home.
  • Nombre: San Pedro
  • Elevación: 2460 m
  • Latitud: 22° 5442Sur
  • Longitud: 68° 125Oeste


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