Wharton Patagonia Leadership Venture 2012

mar 05

From Navarino Island!!

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Hi friends and family of Wharton´s Patagonia explorers! This is the first
update about the expedition. After a scenic flight from Punta Arenas over
snow peaks, we have all arrived at Navarino Island´s base camp, near Puerto
Williams. Everyone is doing well. This evening was focused on teaching
participants camping skills, and the all teams are coming together nicely.
Tomorrow will be a big day, as we embark on a 10-hour trek to upper base
camp, will all of our gear on our backs. Should be fun to see everyone
accomplish this challenge.

Stay tuned for more news!

  • Nombre: Navarino base camp
  • Elevación: 30 m
  • Latitud: 54° 5612Sur
  • Longitud: 67° 3727Oeste


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