Wharton Antarctica Leadership Venture 2008/09

Dec 29

Dispatch #3

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Greetings from Antarctica! It is currently 11:21 PM on King George´s Island, and the sun is just beginning to set.

My name is Walter Czarnecki, and along with my team members Priyaa, Brandi, Edyta, Aleix and Greg, and on behalf of the Wharton Antarctica Leadership Venture, I´m writing to update you on our day two activities.

First and most importantly, everyone at camp is in good health and good spirits. We survived our first night of cold weather camping together, a non-trivial task for most of us! Team members have quickly gelled and jokes and laughter are heard throughout the campground from breakfast to bedtime.

Day Two Summary
We began the day with a hike to the Chinese research base, Great Wall Station (see photo). While there some of us had the chance to chat with the Chinese scientists about the research they are conducting there.

Next, we set out on a five-hour hike around the surrounding area where we encountered seals, penguins and skuas. After hiking along a beach and summiting a nearby mountain over snow and mud (see photo), we hiked to a penguin rookery where we walked among hundreds of penguins. Neil and Dave even donned penguin constumes to blend in (see photo).

After cooking dinner and debriefing with the entire group, we made plans to move camp tomorrow morning to a nearby glacier.

We hope everyone at home, wherever that may be, is doing well. We miss you very much. Another team from the group will be updating you in the near future.

Best regards,
Wharton Antarctica
  • Name: Chilean Camp
  • Elevation: 15 m
  • Latitude: 62° 1225South
  • Longitude: 58° 5717West


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