Wharton Atacama Leadership Venture 2010

May 28

Dispatch #5

Published at 23:12
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This is the final update from the Atacama desert. Admittedly,
this is a bitter sweet message because it means our unbelievable week
together has come to a close. We would like to highlight the word
'together' because the most amazing part of this venture has been
seeing these teams come together, culminating with a successful team
summit of the 5600 meter Lascar Volcano. To put this in perspective,
our summit took us to a height greater than Everest base camp! We
stood at volcano's edge alternating looks into the smoldering crater
and looks out towards the breath taking Alti Plano. Getting here was
no easy feat. From Kate's chi to Samir's pressure breathing to Scott's
jukebox, members of this venture went to extraordinary measures to
ensure their fellow teammates made it to the top. These efforts did
not go unrecognized - at our closing ceremonies, teams had an
opportunity to thank those who made lasting impacts on each other's
experience. Iris, Ram, and Chester shared their stories of team summit
which exemplified all the goals of this venture. The rest of the
ceremony was filled with laughter and genuine sentiment which made for
a fitting end to a memorable week.

Our heartiest thanks go the Vertical team for helping us get to new
physical and emotional heights, and ensuring our safety and enjoyment
at every step of the way. We also like to thank the participants for
engaging in the program and for letting us be part of this amazing

Finally, we'd like to thank you, family and friends. Your messages
brought warmth, laughter, and support on very cold days and very long

Till the next venture...stay sandy!

Atacama VFs

PS Pictures to follow in next 24 hrs
  • Name: San Pedro De Atacama
  • Elevation: 2452 m
  • Latitude: 22° 5433South
  • Longitude: 68° 1153West


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