Wharton Antarctica Leadership Venture 2010/11

Jan 01

Dispatch #3

Published at 20:28
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Hola from the airport of Punta Arenas!

Although we were ready at 2am to depart on December 31, the weather did not
cooperate and we got to spend one more day in Punta Arenas. Fog and low
visibility at the airfield at King George Island prevented us from making a
safe landing and we were forced to delay departure for one more day. We
spent the day exploring the town, learning about Ernest Shackleton (a famous
British explorer whose 27 men were stranded in Antarctica for 16 months
before rescue) and played group games.

Being in a hotel was a tough challenge for our leaders of the day, but they
did a great job at maintaining morale and coming up with fun activities for
their teams (thanks Amee Patel, Audinga Besuparyte, Wilson Chang, Autumn
Tian, Jonathan Nipper, Ankit Shah, Erica Sugai and Nicole Gain!).

We are leaving the airport now and am hopeful our next message will be from
Antarctica. Adios!!


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