Wharton Antarctica Leadership Venture 2009/10

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Greetings from King George Island!

We flew out of Punta Arenas just after noon yesterday, and arrived on King
George close to 3pm. We spent a couple of hours at the airport waiting for
the weather to be favorable, but eventually got the OK from our pilot.
Flying in to the airstrip on King George gave us incredible views as we saw
icebegs and amazing scenery.

Once we arrived and unloaded all of the bags and supplies for the next 7
days we hiked a few miles to our first camp - the highlight of this short
hike was probably the frst penguin sighting! Once we arrived our guides
from Vertical provided workshops on lots of essential topics like how to
cook, set up a tent, wear snowshoes and use a GPS. Once these were done our
teams set up home for the next couple of days, had a good dinner and headed
off to sleep.

More tomorrow as we explore the island!

Team Antarctica
  • Nombre: Chilean Camp
  • Elevación: 25 m
  • Latitud: 62° 1224Sur
  • Longitud: 58° 5715Oeste


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