Wharton Atacama Leadership Venture 2010

May 23

Dispatch #3

Published at 18:50
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Day 3. We have traveled around 40 km, over mountain passes, through
valleys and today through canyons. Yesterday was a tough day of
trekking, 6 to 9 hours depending on the decisions made along the way.
Today was a gorgeous day as we started around 2700 meters of elevation
and made our way down through a beautiful red rock gorge, eventually
wading through knee high water.

As we face more challenges, teams are continuing to gel. Teammates are
also learning about one another and coming up with some very creative
nicknames (Jenny "Buns of Steel", Colleen "Slippers", Kate "The
Dealer", and Mamma Diane). The challenges are both physical and
personal, including the use of bags as toilets- a first for many.

Alex led his team (Iris, Chris Wahl, Jenny, and Dan) to the first Top
Chef victory, with a number of runners up, based on a majority ruling
by the VFs. Their "Lentil a la mode Coucou" was well-deserving of the
prize (a genuine In n' Out Burger chef hat). The VFs look forward to
sampling tonight's dishes for the next crowning.

Remember you can send personal messages, that may or may not be read
aloud to the group...

All the best,
Atacama VFs
  • Name: Catarpe
  • Elevation: 2528 m
  • Latitude: 22° 5026South
  • Longitude: 68° 1210West


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